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Birth Of A Van

Birth Of A Van

The process of building a van is a lot of work, actually quite a bit more than most people realize. Take a look at the significant amount of materials used and the extensive labor man hours invested, along with the care and attention to detail that goes into every Explorer Van, including YOURS.

Check out our inventory to find a van that is ready for you, or contact our Conversion Van Specialists to build a van that's uniquely yours.

1. Raw Chassis Arrives

Rows and rows of vans arrive at Explorer from the factory. The raw chassis only contains items utilized within the conversion. The only thing that stays the same is the color. No walls. No Ceilings. No Door Panels. Not even seats! Now the magic begins.

2. Hi-Top Roof Goes On

The custom made Hi-top using the most advanced materials is installed. You can choose your roof with or without a power sunroof. The latest technologies are utilized by the extensively trained staff. All Hi-top roofs are securely attached to the steel reinforced safety beams.

3. Latest In Electrical Wiring Installed

Miles upon miles of wire is carefully woven into each wiring harness. Great detail is paid to identifying options for proper wire pre-routing. Explorer Vans offer a number of electronic components hard wired into the van. Uniformity is the key to proper installation of the wiring harness.

4. Interior Trim Is Prepared

Each custom fitted trim piece is dipped in woodgrain solutions. Upon removal, each is setup to cure after a strict quality inspection. Loving care is paid to each trim piece to insure a glossy finish. After passing muster and being polished, each trim piece is ready to install.

5. Seating Is Upholstered


Seating preparation begins with the finest quality European imported leather hides. Each Explorer Van seat is hand crafted by expert technicians. Whether the seat is rich velour or leather, only the best survive. Quality standards are surpassed by using the industry's safest frames.

6. Interior Finishing

 Component installation begins utilizing an assembly line method. The whole interior gets acoustic insulation for starters, then the carpet is added.
All trim panels are installed with the best in the business fit and finish. Each component is carefully installed with attention and detail.

Finished Conversion Van Product

From the custom rims and ground effects, to the door panels, seating components, and interior panels, from custom stretch vans with everything included, to whatever customization YOU want, Explorer Vans takes the time to create a masterpiece of luxury and style that is perfectly suited to your needs. Visit Sheehan Vanland today to find out what we can do for you.
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